[How to deal with dry deer whip]_How to make wine_Processing method

[How to deal with dry deer whip]_How to make wine_Processing method

Deer whip is a kind of food with excellent aphrodisiac effect. It can be used as a medicine or can be drunk directly.

However, before brewing wine with deer whip, the deer whip needs to be carefully washed, so as to ensure that the brewed wine is clean and healthy, and will not pose a threat to human health.

Of course, you must also master certain methods and techniques when making deer whip wine.

The following will introduce the processing method of deer whip and the production method and effect of deer whip.

First, how to clean the deer whip before making wine?

It is best to rinse it with clean water. It is best to soak for an hour. This will better leach out the dirt. Do not use various cleaning products, because it will affect the efficacy!

Second, how to make deer whip 1, choose a good deer whip, generally available in Chinese medicine pharmacies.

It is not recommended to buy sliced slices, because it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the slices of deer whip.

2. Slice the good deer whip into thin slices.

When cutting, you can choose a thin knife. Such a knife is sharper, and the cut out is thinner and more uniform.

The purpose of slicing is so that the nutrients of deer whip can be fully used in the wine.

3, choose wine container, there are ready-made in the market now, the one with a switch below, suitable for late wine release.

Try to use glass or porcelain. Such wine vessels will not damage the taste of the wine and can be stored for a long time.

Third, the effect of deer whip deer whip is mainly sexual dysfunction, such as impotence caused by impotence, premature ejaculation, and waist and leg pain, which has significant effects on women’s infertility and postpartum lactation-free.

The symptoms of impotence and premature ejaculation caused by kidney yang deficiency can be treated with deer whip, velvet antler, hippocampus, toad and other homemade[Shengyang wine].

Liquor can analyze the effective ingredients in medicinal materials, and by gradually replenishing it daily, kidney yang can be gradually restored.

Sunyang wine is slower, but the effect is very stable, and it is not easy to appear repeatedly.

Shengyangjiu is a classic medicinal liquor formula for kidney and aphrodisiac in Chinese medicine. It was originally recorded in “Yu Yuan Fang Zhu” by the imperial doctor Zhu Youqi of the Ming Dynasty.

The party selects traditional herbs for replenishing kidney and yang such as deer whip, and also adds some astringent herbs to avoid getting too late when warming up.

The party made up for it, and was just right at the right time, admired by future doctors.

Deer whip contains protein, trace amounts, steroid hormones, vitamins C, A and inorganic calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It has the functions of nourishing kidney yang, nourishing essence and blood, and is used for straining, waist and knee pain, kidney deficiency, tinnitus, impotence, infertilitySexual dysfunction, such as impotence caused by yang deficiency, premature ejaculation, and waist and leg pain, significantly infertile women and no postpartum milk cure.

In addition to medicinal use, deer whip is also an excellent raw material for meat. It can be used for making wine or with chicken, duck, goose, fish soup or making high-end snacks.