Release heavy makeup and restrain light makeup can be beautiful

Release heavy makeup and restrain light makeup can be beautiful

Many shows are happy to show the contrast of women before and after makeup, exclaiming the effect of changing face.

Well, girls do n’t want to make heavy makeup. Look at the fresh and tender makeup of European and American celebrities. The seductive tenderness is like a hibiscus. You can also do it!

Release the shackles of heavy makeup, a refreshing little woman temperament, show off the supple skin.

Pay attention to the details, and take care of the light makeup.

  Water-reducing skin age-reducing magic weapon Water-refining and good skin will make the whole person look 10 years younger!

The overall color must be paid evenly, especially the neck part can not be missed, or go out with a white face, and it is not good to take a closer look at the white neck.

The choice of blush must be commensurate with the color of the face, too strong colors will make it feel abrupt.

  It is also important to make a good makeup and transform into the fantasy goddess race!

This dreamy makeup, Yumu has a sexy goddess reminiscent of online games!

If you are a fair girl, then it is worth a try. It looks more ruthless and needs to be reflected in the choice of blush, not to be pale, and the choice of too red is not feasible, and the lip color should be a little lighter.The colors are good.

  The details make the sweet princess makeup a delicate little princess makeup, sweet and playful and cute.

The skin is built with attention to detail, highlighting the natural feeling. The omission of blush is just to highlight the lip color and the moist red lips are as sweet as candy.

The treatment of the eyes seems to be simple. In fact, pay attention to many details. The eyelashes must be long enough. The light eye shadows create a natural light and dark feeling, and the entire makeup will look beautiful.

  Love makes women better cosmetics The sweetness of love makes Xiao Nizi more glorious. As the saying goes, youth is the best cosmetics. How can you admire the good foundation, but delicate light makeup is a good coloring choice.
It is close to its own skin color, and there are more retouched parts, naturally it is not artificial.

The faint lip color highlights the sweetness of beautiful girls. The treatment of eye makeup is naturally the best. The natural level will make the makeup more comfortable.

  Royal sister Fan’s naked makeup Fan Yu sister Fan radiates from the inside, Julie’s powerful aura is worthy of praise, and the streamlined makeup is even more sharp and clean.

Julie’s face is more angular, so adding blush will feel more affinity.

Not a strong lip color but equally sexy, the effect of tenderness must not be.

  Choosing a good eye shadow position makes the eyes more charming. The unique temperament of Twilight Girl is very charming, but it always reminds people of dullness.

A more agile makeup is a good choice. The makeup of the eye makeup highlights the bright feeling. The bright colors are created to make the eyes look more charming. The range of choice is only a small part of the double eyelids, the distance between the eyebrows and the eyesMore recently, the makeup looks understated and luxurious.

Too fair skin, remember to add blush, people will repeatedly outlive.

  The eye field of the upper eye is followed by the upgrade of the elegant and beautiful goddess makeup. The comfort of the heavy makeup is abandoned, and the fresh and elegant beauty is more touching!

The agile race can be broken and delicate, as long as the choice of foundation pays attention to nature, and when it comes to skin care, it also needs to be super careful.

Lip color must remember to fade, girly beauty depends on it.

The raised eyes and eyeshadows will enhance the temperament of the whole person, so mature women can’t miss it.

  The faint laziness is the most sexy temptation to become the sexy of the three heroines. This little foreign man has a natural heart.

Both cheeks are tall and the width of her face makes her have the sexy conditions of the right place.

The beauty of thick lips is like a depression, so you don’t need a strong lip color, and you can point out the color of the lower lips to have a lazy sexy taste.

The contrast between the light and dark on the cheeks is completely three-dimensional, and the beauty of naked makeup is visible.

  Elongated eyeliner makes women more charming and looks lighter. It always gives a comfortable feeling.

But it is not a worry-free effort. The whole must have a good background, and the skin tone must be natural.

The delicateness of the eye makeup is also indispensable. The length of each eyeline stretches the length of the eyes, which in turn will make it look more natural. Adding charming long eyelashes can only be described as perfect.

  The temptation of Fox Fairy You can also be charming of Fox Fairy, a good makeup will make you instantly transform!

The eyeliner should have a radian, which makes the eye waves more agile.

White fair people must also be indispensable. In order to set off the beauty of the skin, the silver eyeshadows on the eye makeup will be more appropriate!

The lip color is light pink as usual, and the overall makeup is not obscure, which will make the eyes more comfortable.