Diabolo shakes out health!

Diabolo “shakes” out health!

Every morning, the sky is bright, and the sound of humongous Diablo is heard in the woods of the park. Those who like Diabolo like me are meeting with “Bamboo”.
  Diabolo, a game that was mostly a childhood New Year.
Nowadays, improved Diabolo has a variety of materials and no less than a hundred categories, making it a good helper for fitness.
Shaky Diabolo is technical and interesting, and the amount of exercise can be large or small. As long as there is a field, you can shake it. “Tai Chi Pansi”, “back slipping”, “pushing”, “monkey climbing pole”, etc., nearHundreds of tricks.
When active, it will exercise the shoulder, cervical and lumbar spine.
After more than two years of shaking the Diabolo, my originally rich body was slim, the cervical and lumbar spine did not hurt, and the high blood pressure had stabilized throughout the year. It was really Diabolo “shaking” out of health.
  It seems that shaking the Diabolo is a simple exercise of the upper limbs, but it is actually a whole body movement, which is accomplished by the ingenious cooperation of the limbs.
When holding hands to shake the Diabolo with various tricks, the shoulders, elbows, wrists of the upper limbs, sacroiliac joints of the lower limbs, knee joints, ankle joints, plus the cervical and lumbar spines are moving at different degrees.
  Diabolo has many benefits for fitness: Improved vision intelligence: When shaking Diabolo, attention must be highly concentrated. When making various tricks, the eyes must always watch the change of the space rotation position of Diabolo and then make a correct judgment.
Therefore, the eyes and brain nerves will be continuously exercised and improved in the process of shaking the Diabolo, especially the eyeballs constantly turning under the blue sky and white clouds, which can improve the vision.
  Strengthen blood circulation: When shaking the Diabolo, you will feel comfortable and breathe naturally, which will strengthen blood circulation, thereby promoting the blood supply of tissues of all human organs, and improving material metabolism.
Therefore, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and the like are alleviated.
  Stimulate the digestive system: The diabolo exercise plays a mechanical stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal digestive system, which can promote digestion and prevent constipation.