Experts tell you to eat when you have upset stomach?

Experts tell you to eat when you have upset stomach?

Almost everyone has experienced stomach discomfort, bloating, stomach pain, pantothenic acid, nausea . Although not painful, it has seriously affected daily work and life.

The article in the Taiwan Health Magazine provides self-relief methods for the most common stomach upset in the general population.

Experts tell you “should eat when you have an upset stomach.”

  Indigestion At this time, eat some fruits that help digestion, such as pineapple, hawthorn, papaya, kiwi and so on.

Experts from the Nutrition Society of Heilongjiang Provincial Medical Association pointed out that you can also try Zhishi yam paste when you have indigestion.

Yam contains amylase, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, which are helpful for digestion and absorption.

And Zhishi also has a good role in promoting digestion, spleen and stomach, so people who often have indigestion, use Zhishi and yam and other foods to make a paste, can have a good health effect.

  Flatulence At this time, avoid gas-producing foods, such as beans, onions, broccoli, cabbage, etc., eat less sweets, high feces and fried foods, and avoid chewing gum.

Eating moderate amounts of banana, cantaloupe, mango, tomato and other foods that correct potassium can help alleviate the symptoms of bloating because potassium can help regulate sodium levels in the body and prevent edema and bloating.

In addition, drink a cup of steaming mint tea to improve the relaxation of urethral muscles and relieve abdominal flatulence.

  In severe cases of nausea and vomiting, fasting and drinking should be stopped to allow the stomach to rest.

When symptoms improve slightly, try ginger-containing tablets or sip light teas, clear soups, replaced sports drinks, and replenish them in small quantities to prevent dehydration.

Then try to eat low-fiber foods, such as soda crackers, steamed buns, steamed egg custard, rice, etc., to avoid alcoholic, greasy and irritating foods.

  If your stomachache is not due to high blood pressure, you should temporarily fast.

When the pain is relieved, you can try drinking warm milk, because the protein in the milk and stomach acid can alleviate stomach pain, but if drinking milk is easy to bloat or diarrhea, do not use this method.

Ginger can promote blood circulation. Drinking a cup of ginger tea can alleviate stomachache caused by cold weather.

  Pantothenic acid heartburn nutrition experts point out that high trace meat content and long digestion time are one of the culprits leading to heartburn.

In contrast, high-protein and low-fat foods, such as soy products and egg white, can help stimulate gastric secretion, increase esophageal sphincter pressure, and relieve heartburn symptoms.

In addition, coriander can neutralize stomach acid, you can try to eat coriander raw when you burn your heart.

When pantothenic acid is used for heartburn, the principle of less oil, less salt and less spicy should be followed to reduce gastric irritation.