Skin allergies are the fault of washing machines

Skin allergies are the fault of washing machines

The washing machine is a good helper to help people engage in good home hygiene.

However, Japanese researchers have found that the washing machine is actually a little dirty. In recent years, skin inflammation and excessive skin sensitivity have a lot to do with washing machines.


hzh{display:none;}  日本大阪市立环境科学研究所的主任滨田信夫拜访了许多皮肤科医师,同时对150多个普通家庭使用的洗衣机中所含的霉菌量做了调查。The results showed that almost all of these washing machines had mold spores.

  The sewage discharged from the fully automatic washing machine contains an average of 61 mold spores per milliliter.

  The inside of the washing machine is relatively front, and it is easy to breed saprophytic mold.

This type of mold is very resistant to high temperatures and will die in hot water at about 45 ° C. However, in order to save energy, ordinary households rarely use hot water to wash clothes, causing mold to multiply in the laundry tank.

When the mold touches the water, the spores are released and attach to the clothes.

  The more you wash, the more mold spores on your clothes.

Keichiro Minayama of the Japanese Society of Antibacterial and Antifungal Society did an experiment. He put the used bath towels, adult male socks that passed only one day, and child underwear that passed only one day into the washing machine, and washed them with a detergent that has no germicidal effect.These clothes are then dried indoors.

  As a result, about 1 mm of bacteria were extracted from the towels, socks and underwear.

Although these bacteria do not cause great diseases, they easily cause local skin itching and redness.

For those who are allergic to skin, the damage caused by mold in the washing machine will cause them, and the skin discomfort caused by mold may last for a long time.

  Therefore, experts believe that in order to avoid damage to the skin from washing machines, the following measures can be taken: separate socks, dirty outerwear and underwear; use washing powder with sterilization function; wash clothes in hot water at about 50 ° C and use a dryer, Use high temperature to kill mold; do not soak clothes too much, wash clothes in time to dry; you should dry clothes in the sun, use ultraviolet rays in the sun to kill mold; often open the outer shell of the washing machine to keep it dry.