Costume beauty skin care has a party _1

Beauty skin care for costumes has a “square”

Introduction: With the fierce performance of various palace dramas, classical beauties have once again been concerned.
They are beautifully subtle, beautiful enough to withstand the baptism of time and the polishing of time.
How do these classical beauty actors perform classical “beauty schemes”, let’s take you one by one to unveil the maintenance secrets of these costume actresses!
  The classic hot girl Yang Mishen recalled the role played by Yang Mi since her debut. The description of “Classic Hot Girl” is quite appropriate.
Although the post-85 trend princess closely follows fashion and has a full personality, her appearance is a delicate and beautiful classical beauty, with a small face of melon seeds and a pair of big eyes looking forward.
  Maintenance secret “Fang”: Yang Mi thinks that makeup removal is the most important. Only after doing this cleansing step can the skin care step be done with less effort.
Three things she must do when she comes home every day are: removing makeup, washing her face, and then applying moisturizing products.
Use a moisturizing mask on holidays.
Sleeping is also a major focus of her skin care. She will try to maintain a regular exercise and sleep early.
  Everyone’s lady, Lin Xinru, looks like a gentle, watery spirit, gentle and soft, beautiful but not public.
Whether looking at her photos or her real person, there is a feeling of exquisiteness and clarity, and the costume roles she plays are not everyone’s best.
She is beautiful in modern and ancient costumes, and it is all that kind of gentle beauty.
  Maintaining the secret “party”: Lin Xinru talked about skin care experience, and felt that the most important thing was to drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables, and get enough sleep.
In addition to daily maintenance, she will carry a moisturizing spray with her during the day, and at night will give her a lot of massage with skin lotion.
She has a cleansing habit on her face, she will feel uncomfortable if she doesn’t remove her makeup carefully, and she can’t sleep at all. For her, sun protection is never neglected all year round.
  The dignified girl An Yixuan An Yixuan used the traditional beauty of Taiwanese beauties in a series of costume dramas to explain the ancient style and ancient charm.
  Maintaining a dense “party”: Everyone is accustomed to moisturizing the skin with a hydrating mask, but An Yixuan likes to apply a layer of essence on a very thin paper mask and apply it on the face.
She said that not only can give the skin plenty of moisture, but also can penetrate the skin into the skin, long-term treatment, the skin effect is very good.
She also often wipes her face with yogurt because lactic acid bacteria help skin metabolism and moisturize the skin.
  Feifei Sun Feifei Sun Feifei was named “the first classical beauty in the Mainland”.
Her delicate face and graceful figure attracted a lot of attention for her.
Fashionable and dynamic, she is full of traditional and classic flavors. She even takes the words of Lao Tzu’s famous saying “Good and Watery” as her motto.
  Maintenance secret “square”: in any season should pay attention to skin whitening and maintenance.
Don’t think that without the sun, there will be no ultraviolet rays in the air, and computer radiation will also darken the skin.
Beautiful women who are often outdoors and often in front of the computer must pay attention to the maintenance of skin whitening. Sun protection is a top priority.
Sun Feifei pays attention to the internal moisturizing and external cleaning, and a deep cleaning is usually necessary in the morning and evening.